BLOX repels more than just stains

Not only does BLOX repel most stains, but it also repels rain and water! This fall and winter you don’t have to worry about going out and getting a new rain coat when you have a perfectly great coat at home. Just treat your every day coat with BLOX, and your jaunt from car to office will no longer end up in you looking wet and disheveled. Stay dry with BOX!


Get the most BANG for your BLOX

BLOX In-Wash Fabric protector will do it’s job, just as long as you know how to do yours.


1. Pour Blox In-Wash into the fabric softener dispencer, if you use fabric softener, add as usual

2. Wash your clothes in the washing machine as normal

3. Place clothes in dryer until completely dry

4. Enjoy your BLOX protection!

Yep, it’s that easy. Liquid stains bead with BLOX. If you happen to spill, just gently hold a paper towel to the stain and watch it absorb the stain. You can even test this with water. The water beads like mercury – it doesn’t soak in!

Even food stains rinse away with water – no rubbing required! If you accidentally do rub in a stain, BLOX will help stains easily release in the wash. You can’t go wrong with BLOX!

What are others saying about BLOX?

We thought we’d share some of the love we’ve been getting from our fellow bloggers. And remember, if you have a blog and you’d like to review BLOX – just ask!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. isn’t that the old saying? it certainly rings true when it comes to your expensive fashions and keeping them looking brilliant while you’re on the road. – Diva in a carry on

BLOX is a really cool in-wash stain blocker that is dermatologist tested & eco-friendly. – Its A Glam Thing

Do you have a case of the dribbles? Dribble away my friend, and never get another stain!! – Laura McKenna

I am typically not one to praise laundry detergent…trust me (that’s too iVillage for me). However, tell me there is a product that will save my valuable wardrobe from myself and I have to try it.  – Second City Style

Ladies, how many times have you worn you’re very best outfit and stained it?  granted this is not really beauty related but it IS a fashion lifesaver!  – Steeping Beauty

Didn’t BLOX your fabric?

We can guarantee that BLOX will prevent stains, but the rest is up to you. What if you didn’t BLOX your garments? How will you get those stains out? Well, we all know that most stains don’t come completely out. Sure, you might not notice them, but look closer – they’re still there. As true Stain-Haters we’ve complied a list of stain remedy resources just in case you forgot to BLOX your fabric. We all know the easiest way to get stains out – Prevent them with BLOX! But hey, we all make mistakes. Housekeeping – Top 10 Laundry Stain Removers

Slate Magazine: Sussing out the Best Stain Removers

DIY Network and Queen of Clean: Stain Removers Found in the Cupboard

Creative Homemaking: All Natural Stain Removal Guide

We hope you find some useful tips in these links, but again, we all know the best way to get a stain out is to prevent it from happening with BLOX!

Have your own stain removal remedy? Drop us a comment and tell us about it!

Prevent “Monday Night Football” stains with BLOX

Dont let this ruin your football season

Don't let your favorite game day foods ruin your football season!

We’ve all seen it: It’s Monday night, you get home from work and immediately throw the pot (or can) of chili, start the queso dip, open the chips, and prepare the other various heart clogging, yet game enhancing snacks.

Monday night football is about so much more than the game. It’s a chance to get together with your friends, eat the foods you know you’re not supposed to eat, battle with each other about which team is going to win, and inevitably come to a glorious victory or perhaps a depressing loss. Then, do it all over again the next week! What is the key ingredient in this scenario? Your favorite football jersey, of course. Chances are, if you don’t wear your football jersey, your team WILL LOSE. However, when you’re jumping up and down, chip/dip in hand, your pristine jersey is bound to take a beating of its own. We’re not saying you’re a slob, but hey – in the heat of the moment accidents do happen!

How do you get a chili stain, beer stain, queso stain, general sign of having a good game stain, out of your favorite jersey? Chances are, you don’t. That’s why, at the beginning of every football season it’s crucial that you BLOX your jersey. Prevent the Monday Night Football stains before they start!

The victory of your team needs you and you need a prestine football jersey!

BLOX For Your Upholstery

Blox Quick Spray Fabric Protector

Blox Quick Spray Fabric Protector

We recently received a comment regarding blox for your upholstery:

I am trying to find out how can I protect my new sofa from stains other than covering it up. Is starchgard a good product to use or is there something better to use?

Thank you,


For your upholstery, rugs, curtains, or any article that you can’t throw in the dryer, we recommend BLOX Quick Spray Fabric Protector.  Often times manufacturers stain protectors, such as starchguard, leave your fabric feeling more stiff, discolored, and sometimes they even have an oder.  Not only that, but your starchguard will wear off over time from normal wear and tear, leaving your fibers more susceptible to stains.

With BLOX Quick Spray Fabric Protector, you have the convience of spraying your furniture repeadtedly over time to ensure that stains will not set in.  Also, because BLOX is a water based formula and is powered by the air we breathe – it is propellant free, solvent free and has no harsh fumes.  Therefore, it will not affect the texture, feel, color, or breathe-ability of your upholstery or any other thing you want to be protected from stains.

We hope that answers your question, Kathy.  Keep them coming!

Sometimes stains just sneak up on you.

We can all think back to various stains that have ruined our clothes.  There are the obvious stains – wine (when you buy that perfect date outfit, you ruin it while drinking the “liquid courage” on said date), grass (unfortunately not just kids get grass stains), coffee (ANYONE who has ever drank coffee has had a coffee stain) and various clumsy mishaps from pens, paints, food, and LIFE!  But sometimes, you have stains that just sneak up on you.

I’m talking about armpit stains.  Nobody wants to admit they get them… nobody even wants to talk about them!  Armpit stains don’t just happen to your white shirts, they don’t just happen to your workout clothes,  and they certainly don’t just happen to men.  Armpit stains happen, and that’s just life. I’ve been browsing the internet searching for something to take out this unsightly stain: scientific products, home hints, magic potions and spells, you name it – it’s out there.  They all have one thing in common – they don’t work.  So how do we remove armpit stains?  Easy! Don’t get them in the first place -i.e. PREVENT THEM.

Treat your favorite shirts with BLOX before wearing them and never worry about ugly yellow armpit stains again.